Energy WeaponsEdit

  • Pulse Laser: Generates low heat, but its rapid-fire bursts do low damage.
  • Laser: Fires a long single beam and includes targeting assistance. Yeilds greater damage than the Pulse Laser. Generated heat is offset by a slower recharge rate.
  • Particle Projectile Cannon (PPC): The most powerful energy weapon available, the PPC emits immense heat per round. It must be charged up before firing. The level of power is proportionate to the amount of time charged.
  • Plasma PPC: Requires less time than the PPC to fully charge but yeilds less damage.

Ballistic WeaponsEdit

  • Machine Gun: More powerful rapid-release fire than pulse lasers but has a shorter effective range.
  • Autocannon: More powerful than the machine gun and has a longer range. Good for small and medium-sized enemies.
  • Gauss Rifle: The most powerful ballistic weapon available. Though it has a long reload time, its projectile is usually too fast for an enemy to avoid, making it a very valuable resource to manage.

Missile WeaponsEdit

  • Crossbow Short Range Missile (SRM): What this weapon lacks in power and range it makes up for in accuracy via a guidance system that homes in on its target.
  • Javelin Long Range Missile (LRM): Has a slow recharge rate and yeilds low damage but its guidance system is very effective over long distances.
  • Hammer Missile: The most powerful missile available yet it has no guidance system. Rather, it features a time-based detonation system. The longer you charge the clock, the further the missile while travel before a full power detonation.